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What Users Are Saying

We've all been there where you set up a date with a girl you met online and she's nothing like her profile. She's totally misrepresented herself and you're none the wiser til you meet in person. Worse yet are the "serial daters" out there. It should be called fraud but instead it's called normal. Thank goodness there's an app out there for the real and honest people that are sincere about meeting a great person. Thanks Stroovy for cutting through all of the shenanigans of online dating. Recommend to all my friends.

Why waste Time and money on someone that has intentions other than the ones expressed in their profile. Avoid getting catfished by authenticating your next online date by doing a little background check via Stroovy. You owe it to yourself to download this app, it's free!

It's about time someone addressed the problem of rudeness, liars and people with bad intentions residing on online dating sites. Stroovy does this with a well thought out, smart and helpful platform. It allows people around you (workmates, family, ex's etc.) to verify one's character. This essentially gives you a three dimensional view of the person you're interested in. It also tries to avoid shaming by encouraging thoughtful and helpful reviews. He/she may not be your cup of tea but that doesn't mean they should be discarded like trash. Remember one man's garbage is another man's diamond. And by highlighting the good instead of relying on thoughtless trashing, it gives the opportunity for others to find someone who may have otherwise been lost in all that chatter and noise. In this day and age that's rare and commendable. Bravo Stroovy! You may not be perfect but you're one giant step in the right direction. Keep going, we need you.

What The Press Is Saying

"Reviews are also not limited to people who have met or gone on dates with each other — friends, coworkers and family members are also able to leave reviews for people they know." -Mashable

"Apparently 80 percent of people lie on their dating profiles, and most of us are familiar with the dangers of being Catfished in today’s digital world. That’s where Stroovy comes in: users can write reviews of people they’ve been on dates with, so others are more familiar with the real person behind the profile." -Inverse

“Stroovy is a third party review application to help online daters make more informed choices within the online dating world. Stroovy gives online daters a tool that will help them to make better decisions about with whom to spend their time. “ -NBC

“Stroovy's goal is to revolutionize the way people use online dating sites like Match, OK Cupid and Tinder. With Stroovy, you can read reviews on potential partners or write reviews about a good date or not so desirable one. This app, which launched in late March, can also act like a "wingman" or "wingwoman.” -ABC

“The new kid on the block, Stroovy is approaching people-reviewing a little more fairly for all involved. Stroovy requires the person being reviewed to have an active dating profile visible to the public. This helps safeguard the potential of never knowing your face is appearing on an app of this nature, since you’ll have already opted in to the online dating scene.” -Review Weekly